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Episode 2 – Casey Jones’ Loves and the Legend Begins

Although he was born in Tennessee and lived there most of his life, Casey Jones has several Mississippi connections.  He, of course, died near Vaughn, Mississippi in the famous wreck, but there’s more than that.  Find out who his greatest loves were, and how a hoodoo engine was resurrected to claim more lives. Continue reading →

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Episode 1 – The Time Murry Got Shot (Again) and How It Affected Yoknapatawpha County

Murry Falkner was willing to fight for a lady’s honor.  This would get him in trouble, more than once.  Listen along as Meet the Sip tells about the time Murry got shot, again, and how that affected Yoknapatawpha County.

Today’s closing music is from Carl Story and His Rambling Mountaineers, titled “I Wanna Be a Railroad Man”.


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